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1010 Collins | Arlington, TX
1010 Collins Event Venue is typified by its sophistication and exemplar standards to detail. The 18,000-foot ballroom with a spacious outdoor patio are included in the Silver & Gold Packages that are flexible for bookings throughout the week and weekend.

The Arlington Wedding Event Venue provides expansive space to hold wedding parties of any size. Whether an intimate setting affair or a large party, enough space is provided to seat all attendees with ease and enjoyment. A location should be timeless with appealing aesthetics, as well as capable of accommodating all guests and their needs comfortably. Supplementary technical services proffered include two 200 inch screens, projector and sound systems for a DJ to meet technical desires.


There is an attention to detail in every wedding that takes place, with the décor to match with the attitudes of the bride and groom. Aesthetics are an important part of any ceremony, and the Arlington Event Wedding Venue ensures that when one is performed it is to the perfect atmosphere. No detail is ignored to ensure that any who come to be wed are met with extreme satisfaction.

The attentive staff will help with anything a guest needs, fulfil any expectation, and keep with the theme of excellence that is expected. No guest will be disappointed by the diligent work that the staff is happy to do. Everything must be perfect for these momentous events in people’s lives, and the staff knows this.

To ensure that all celebrants are happy with the service, the Arlington Wedding Event Venue is eager to see to any drink specifications that are made. An open bar, with in-house setup and staff can be made available for the party after the ceremony. Along with that, the option is also available to create a venue that guests can bring their own bottles, a BYOB wedding.

Of course, no wedding is complete without the perfect look to the entire wedding party, which is why an all-day Bridal Room is available. The Arlington Wedding Event Venue ensures that every bride is ready to walk down the isles when the music starts playing. Nothing is too extravagant for the wedding of a lifetime, and that is what the staff of 1010 Collins want to make sure it is.

Putting on a ceremony at the Arlington Wedding Event Venue is as easy as putting on the reception. With a DJ either hired by the wedding party, or one supplied by 1010’s excellent staff, an advanced sound and light system will turn the wedding into a real celebration.

No expense need be spared when a wedding is thrown at 1010 Collins. With a large selection of options to make use of, no ceremony will ever be the same. Options are available for limousines to take the bride and groom off at the end of the party. The 1010 Collins has passion for special events; Welcome to the new social!

Arlington Wedding Event Venue



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