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Corporate Event Venue in Arlington, TX

1010 Collins Event Center is your corporate event venue in Arlington, TX and the surrounding areas. We provide the best corporate party venue for your special event or occasion, providing a highly-regarded corporate event center for you and all of your colleagues and guests. We provide the perfect corporate event space for meetings, luncheons, parties, seminars, retreats, and more. Whenever you have need for a large corporate space with all of the amenities, resources, and services to deliver a top-notch professional event for your company, know that 1010 Collins Event Center can deliver for you and your company.

Corporate Meeting Space

Whatever corporate event your company is planning on holding, 1010 Collins Event Center will make it a noteworthy one for you, your company, your colleagues, and all of the guests attending this event. Whether you are meeting to plan out your strategy, to impress a noted client, or to celebrate a remarkable achievement for your organization, we can provide the services and resources you need to ensure that your event is noteworthy, memorable, and enjoyable for all.

Resources Needed To Make Your Event a Memorable One

We have an 18,000 square foot venue complete with a superior sound system and large projector screens; thus, we have the resources needed to make your seminar, retreat, or meeting a successful one for you and your company. Whether you are working to convince a client that you are the right company for them or are meeting to discuss strategy and meeting your goals, know that our venue will help to make your event a successful one for you and your company.